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redkangmuseum piece

MUSEUM PIECE is a collection of electronic music I composed in the iOS app Auxy, mostly on the train commuting to work. Some of the pieces are upbeat and catchy and optimistic, some of them are kinda dark synthwavey and dystopian. It's just a few examples of the kind of stuff I can do.

If you want to use any of this stuff in your video, video game, movie, play, or neo-situationalist art installation, OR if you want to hire me to write similar tunes for your Thing, please drop me a line. I charge reasonable rates. 

the pluto


THE PLUTO TAPES is 90% an imaginary band and 10% a real one.

The music is all real, and I wrote it and played all the instruments and you can listen to some of the good stuff here.

Basically, The Replacements or Weezer, but occasionally like The Cure when they're in "quirky" mode. 

The album over to the right is a compilation of a bunch of tracks from my two old albums. Expect more soon. 

"Nikita Says Love" is the closest thing The Pluto Tapes ever had to a "hit."

I made a music video out of it in 2009 or so, which... looks super lo-fi but I'm still kinda proud of it.

Oh - for the record: 

My Pluto Tapes are totally different than Unlike Pluto's "one song a week" project, which is also called "The Pluto Tapes."He's cooler than me.

13 songs, 13 doctors

epic rap battles of who-story

These both started out as comedy sketches for Doctor Who conventions, and quickly became the Thing I Do At Doctor Who Conventions and the Thing I Do On The Internet For A Lark. I mean, I have fun with it. It's a fun exercise in writing. All the 13 Doctors songs are parodies of songs that came out when that "Doctor" was on television, which adds more challenge to the affair. The rap battles are - er - well, let's call them an exercise in comparative criticism. They're obviously a direct rip off of Epic Rap Battles of History, and I'm obviously a huge fan.

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